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Thorn 5ft Natural11 viewsClassic British colour!4 commentsPaul09/02/19 at 19:37Paul: Regular Thorn natural, Andy? I thought this is...
Atlas 4ft 40w Warm White9 views4 footer in colour 293 commentsPaul09/02/19 at 19:35Paul: That's probably because the old etch process ...
Thorn 5ft White Reflector Tube12 viewsMCFR reflector layered tube.4 commentsPaul09/02/19 at 19:33Paul: I only ever saw 20w reflector lamps on the school ...
Thorn Popular Pack T1211 viewsA clutch of NOS PPs!!3 commentsPaul08/15/19 at 02:44Paul: Some have not even had the paper seal opened!!
Unknown SOX Retrofit7 viewsLED retrofit for SOX.4 commentsPaul08/08/19 at 01:16Paul: I'll try to get a night shot of it for you. I...
Novah LED tubes 8 viewsLED vs fluorescent 2 commentsRich08/06/19 at 15:18Paul: Let the games begin!
S Lamp RVC 250w9 views3 commentsAndy08/06/19 at 15:17Paul: Interesting... almost looks like a SON lamp with a...
Philips HPL 7 viewsNotice something odd....2 commentsRich05/29/19 at 22:29Paul: That is unusual! Don't want to get it mixed u...
AEI Brampton Mercury Lanterns18 views5 commentsGav05/27/19 at 10:53Paul: They're in good nick, as Rich says! No modern...
Sylvania RefLED GU10s 21 viewsOriginal and new style single chip LED GU10 lamps.7 commentsPaul05/14/19 at 16:43Paul: I might have to go investigate!
Ekco 125w 8ft Colour Matching18 viewsAlso known as Northlight.5 commentsPaul05/05/19 at 14:06Paul: It certainly is! Thanks for this beaut, Gav!
Philips 8w T5 19 viewsColour 32 DE-Luxe.6 commentsGav05/04/19 at 13:45Paul: Oh these are nice little T5s! Found in a DIY store...
Sylvania RefLED GU10s 21 viewsOriginal and new style single chip LED GU10 lamps.7 commentsPaul04/29/19 at 15:31Paul: Well, more than 3 years on and not a single failur...
Luxram Stella 40w Warm White12 views2 commentsPaul04/22/19 at 22:20Paul: They do indeed, Jools!
Thorn EMI 5ft Kolor-rite14 views65/80w tube in colour 38.2 commentsPaul04/14/19 at 23:31Paul: Sadly, I think this tube has the startings of ring...
Sylvania Super Blue T17 VHO18 viewsDiazo printing tube.7 commentsPaul04/14/19 at 14:17Paul: You did put an ammeter and voltmeter in the circui...
GEC 280w SOI Lamp12 viewsDual arc tubes.4 commentsGav04/12/19 at 15:58Paul: Something of the imagination until Gav finds it!!!...
GEC SuperSox 36w SOX/E8 views4 commentsAndy04/06/19 at 00:49Paul: Ah! The good old fashioned 'torpedoes'!
Endura Fiesta Lamps 16 views60w yellow GLS lamps.3 commentsGav04/01/19 at 15:25Paul: These remind me of the Osram Accent lamps.
Sylvania SHX-S 8532 viewsSON Retrofit for mercury gear4 commentsAndy04/01/19 at 15:24Paul: Got one now!
Thorn 150w SONDL-E8 viewsDeluxe high pressure sodium.3 commentsPaul03/27/19 at 23:05Paul: You wish is my command! Stand by....
AEI Kingston Street Lantern12 viewsFluorescent street lantern.4 commentsGav03/27/19 at 23:02Paul: Simply lovely! Going to restore it Gav?
Frontage Sign12 viewsUp and running again!3 commentsRich03/27/19 at 23:00Paul: Top job
Loose Connection Fail!9 viewsThis was a block!1 commentsRich03/27/19 at 22:58Paul: Fail alright!
Sylvania 85w SON SH-S/85W8 viewsRetrofit for 125w merc.2 commentsPaul03/27/19 at 22:57Paul: This actual lamp arrived damaged, so not run it fu...
Ekco 125w 8ft Northlight 17 viewsEkco 8ft4 commentsGav03/23/19 at 11:51Paul: Lovely deep caps on them too!
Tungsram 100w Pearl SON Lamp 18 viewsPearl SON-E.7 commentsGav03/19/19 at 00:24Paul: It really does, doesn't it! Bulletproof LOL!
Philips HPI Plus 400W/BU 12 views'Enhnanced' brightness lamp.3 commentsPaul03/18/19 at 11:43Paul: I have James to thank for this...
Osram Natural Blue Glass Lamp11 viewsMade from blue glass.4 commentsGav03/10/19 at 16:45Paul: Nice deep blue! Perhaps this was the first of the ...
Osram Pip Top Natural Red Lamp9 viewsMade from red glass.2 commentsGav03/09/19 at 17:59Paul: That's a nice red! Do you reckon it may have ...
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